Cargo and Logistic Base

Investor:Saigo Port Ltd (member of the XANGA Group)

Project site:Debrecen International Airport

Plot size:12 hectare

Total building size:50,000 sqm

Volume of investment:30 million EUR

Function of facilities:SAIGO Port Ltd, a member of the XANGA Group, has been awarded a contract in a public tender to establish and operate a cargo and logistic base at Debrecen International Airport. The complex development is implemented in phases. By the end of 2015, cargo and logistic facilities with a net useable area of 50,000 sqm will have been built.

Date of commissioning:2,500 sqm cargo and log hall: Dec 2011
2,500 sqm cargo and log hall: Dec 2012
10,000 sqm log hall with office block: Dec 2013
additional 35,000 sqm cargo and log hall by 2015