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Xanga: Getting the best from Debrecen

Over the past decade, the city of Debrecen in Hungary has been rapidly developing due to an increasing volume of foreign direct investment…

Xanga Investment & Development Group is a private capital investment enterprise committed to serving the development of the city of Debrecen and the surrounding area. Debrecen is the second largest city in Hungary.

Xanga is the developer of Debrecen Regional and Innovation Industrial Park, which was awarded the Industrial Park of the Year title by the National Ministry of Economic Affairs in 2009. The companies operating in the park provide the major local tax revenues for the municipality.

Xanga offers turnkey industrial solutions and provides bespoke infrastructure to its partners, based on long-term rental agreements.

At the heart of the region

In addition to the industrial park, Xanga is also involved in developing the infrastructure of Debrecen International Airport.

Debrecen International Airport has a permanent border crossing and customs route and is one of the most eastern Schengen airports in Europe. The airport matches Liszt Ferenc Airport in the capital city Budapest on an authority level.

The aim of Xanga is to provide an alternative cost-effective solution at Debrecen Airport to connect with other major hubs in the region. As a regional airport with comparatively low traffic, Debrecen International Airport and the cargo base is ready to serve cargo flights in a fast and flexible way at low fares. The cargo and logistic facilities offer storage and warehousing for companies at just 5 euros per square metre per month. ‘A’- class offices are also available for 8 euros per square metre per month.

Bespoke opportunities

Debrecen has an excellent human resource infrastructure, with a relatively cheap yet qualified labour force.

The regional authorities and Debrecen University work together to tailor the curricula of local training institutes to the needs of companies investing in the city. Xanga Investment & Development Group is a local private capital investment real estate development enterprise offering tailor-made solutions to its business partners in Debrecen. Xanga’s real estate development activities focus on Debrecen International Airport as the cargo and logistical base, as well as the nearby Debrecen Regional and Innovation Industrial Park. The industrial and logistics facilities developed by Xanga are always available for rent, enabling companies to start up their business in two to three months. This efficiency is at the heart of Xanga’s drive to make Debrecen a prime investment location for overseas companies looking for a strategic base. Xanga can establish bespoke rental agreements for industrial logistical facilities tailored specifically to the partner’s requirements, with an option for the tenant to buy the real estate at a certain time of the lease.

In February 2010, the fDi Magazine – part of the Financial Times Group – ranked Debrecen fifth in the FDI Strategy Eastern Europe category of the Cities and Regions of the Future survey.