2013. január 24., 00:00 |

Xanga begins two large construction projects in Debrecen

Two major construction projects began in Debrecen in mid-January 2013, following governmental approval of the projects’ priority status and the distribution of state funding to investor Xanga Investment and Development Group. The combined cost of the projects is HUF 5bn (€17m).

The first project involves development of Debrecen Airport, costing HUF 2.7bn (€9m), for which Xanga has received HUF 1.4bn (€4.8m) in funding. The undertaking involves the construction of an internal rail-line transport and logistics system, to meet the needs of Xanga’s future partner and potential investor, WDubai. Furthermore, the construction of a new warehouse building is also planned.

The second project is located at the Hatar Uti Industrial Park, also on the outskirts of Debrecen. The undertaking costs HUF 2.2bn (€7.5m), 50% of which is financed by the state government. It involves the construction of four new industrial halls with various functions, including warehousing and manufacturing, and for the provision of services. The combined area of the four buildings is 15,000 m². The two projects combined will create 500 new jobs in the city. Completion of both projects is scheduled for year-end 2014.