A XANGA Investment & Development Group is a private capital investment enterprise committed to serve the development of the city of Debrecen and the Eastern Hungarian Region. During the past decade XANGA has generated and implemented a great number of investment and development projects, as a result of which dozens of foreign and local enterprises launched their business operation in the city.

The main profile of the Xanga Company Group is property development and operation; settlements and offices for whose utilization it offers various constructions were created in accordance to the specific requirements by its partners of enterprises and institutions.

Professionals of our company group have been active as consultants in the field of enterprise development since 1991. In the first decade, within a consultancy company, we have been mainly involved with settling international companies into Hungary by providing complete service packages for them. Consequently, the settlement of dozens of international enterprises to Hungary was successfully conducted by our professionals during the past decades as well they participated in the launching and further development of a number of inland small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) by providing complex services to them.

Following this, in the recent 5 years, our activities conception has undergone fundamental changes in accordance to market demands. Having market assessments carried out, the only apparent possibility, in addition to providing our high-quality services, was the construction of a flexible hall that seemed to be suitable to attract production investments to the region and strengthen SMEs. Therefore our service package had to be supplemented in order to be capable of offering production industrial infrastructure to our clients. Since then, we have not only been carrying out the organization and coordination of settlement, but on a risk fund, we started to be involved in the development of industrial properties and industrial areas as well as have been offering such properties to our clients. Such developments have been and are implemented within the framework of project companies making up the Xanga Company Group.