1. Warehouse renting

2. Air Cargo

2.1. Aircraft service

We can provide services for wide range of airplanes according to our customers demand. Ourtrained team prepare your aircraft within short turnaround time, reducing the leadtime of your cargo.

2.2. Cargo transfer

We offer economic solutions in forwarding your cargo from door-to-airport or even from airport-to-door or even to other final destinations.

3. Rail Cargo

Debrecen Airport has rail connection with international hubs, which ensures regular import and export. We offer non-stop rail cargo services for companies that look to ship goods through Debrecen. We offer on site low-cost logistic services to our rail cargo business partners.

4. logistics services

4.1. Warehousing and cargo handling

We offer reliable services in handling your import/export cargo. We have the resources and specialists to handle wide spectrum of sizes and types of cargo.

4.2. Transportation

We deliver your domestic or international shipment (between 1ton and 24 ton) according to your demands from origin to destination.

5. Value added services

Air cargo transportation

We provide solution through our trusted partners in forwarding high-value, perishable or even time-sensitive cargo via air.

5.1. Import/export documentation, customs clearance

Through our trusted partners we help customers to declare shipments in both the country of export and/or import.

5.2. Special cargo

Beside normal cargo we can offer services for goods require special treatment (high-value, dangerous, pharmaeuticals, oversized cargo).

5.3. Security

We provide 24hour building security in our warehouses and in the airport to ensure security of freight for our customers.

5.4. Multimodal cargo transport

We can offer complete door-to-door service in inland or even international relations on road, railway or air.

We connect three transportation modals with our railway re-loading base (planned beside the airport), thus we can serve the possible widest demands.

6. Commissioning

7. Packaging/re-packaging

8. Labelling

9. Consulting