Herdon Istvan

President, CEO

Mr. István Herdon, the founder of XANGA Investment & Development Group, is an economist by profession with more than 20 years of experience in private capital investment. Being an MD of the international business development and consulting company of the Group, he has assisted the foreign direct investments of dozens of firms in the Eastern Hungarian Region during the past decade. Before starting his business activities in the private sector, he used to work in the bank sector, specialized in risk assessment and investment funding. Between 1994 and 1998 he was an investment manager at the North-East Hungarian Regional Development Holding Co., and a financial expert at Záhony Region Development Co. Between 1993 and 1994 he worked for the Hungarian Development and Investment Bank as a senior expert, while between 1988 and 1993 he was head of department at the Mátészalka Branch of Hungarian Credit Bank Co.

Csukas Endre


Mr. Endre Csukás is a mathematician with more than a decade’s experience in international business development. As a project manager, he took care of setting up and launching the production of a number of subsidiaries of foreign companies active in a wide range of business fields. As a result of his successful activities in preparing and managing subsidy applications, great many private companies as well as public institutions obtained non-refundable grants from local, regional and EU funding sources. He was involved as a senior expert in elaborating regional development strategies and the action plans of implementation programs. He has been a senior manager of the XANGA Group since its establishment.

Csonka Zoltan

Project Manager

Mr. Zoltán Csonka is an economist; he joined the team of XANGA in 2003. His tasks cover the preparation and management of grant applications related to the investments of XANGA as well as those of its clients.

Racz Zsolt

Financial Director

Mr. Zsolt Rácz is an economist and a qualified auditor. He has been a member of XANGA’s management team since 2003. His activities include the financial control and monitoring of XANGA Investment and Development Group as well as managing XANGA’s financial services provided to its clients.

Csukas Tibor

Csukas Tibor is an engineer with many years of experience in public utility and building development. He has been responsible for preparing and managing a number of infrastructure development projects. He joined the management of XANGA in 2010. His core activities focus on the management and the entire technical control of the investment projects of the XANGA Group.