Industrial Park


Debrecen Regional and Innovation Industrial Park was established by the Municipality of Debrecen in 1997 with the aim of providing - as a greenfield investment - a modern industrial environment equipped with high capacity public utilities and access roads for local as well as foreign enterprises to commence their activities in Debrecen. Within the framework of the first phase of the development, a 40 ha area was equipped with high capacity public utilities between 2000 and 2002.

The first tenanst of the industrial park, National Instruments Europe Ltd and Bumet Ltd commenced their operation in 2000 and 2001, and by the end of 2007, as a result of the successful co-operation of the municipality and XANGA Investment & Development Group (as the company responsible for the infrastructure development and the daily management of the park), the entire 40 ha area of the industrial park in Határ street became full of enterprises, therefore there was a need for the extension of the park.

The extension of the park with an additional 20 ha was realised within the framework of the sole investment and complete management of DIPA Debrecen Industrial Park Academy Ltd, member of the XANGA Group, in 2008.

Since then, the area of the industrial park has been further extended. Currently, the total area of the park reaches 100 ha, of which ca. 40 ha is still to be filled with industrial facilities. Currently, XANGA is building the road and public utilities of a 20 ha area. The area of the park can further be extended.


Due to its location, the Debrecen Regional and Innovation Industrial Park has good endowments from the aspects of both logistics and its accessibility within the town.

The greenfield industrial area with a wide range of offices, commercial and business services located at the western edge of Debrecen and can be accessed from the town centre (2.5 km) on a four-lane road. Public transport is also adequate with several bus services running between the town centre and the industrial park.

The industrial park is directly linked to the motorway, as M35 is accessible only a few km from the area. From here, Western Europe can be reached all the way on motorways. Budapest (220 km) is now accessible in less than 2 hours.

The railway and freight stations are situated in a distance of 4 km. The two-tracked electrified main railway line also has international freight transportation and hourly InterCity services to Budapest.

Debrecen International Airport is found in a distance of only 7 km. This airport with permanent customs and frontier service available and with its 2.5 km long bitumen runway is suitable for receiving even the largest aircrafts.

Among other aspects, the excellent accessibility of the Debrecen Industrial Park played an important role in Hungarian and international companies choosing this area as a base of their production.


Following its establishment, the Debrecen Regional and Innovation Industrial Park Ltd. accomplished the public utilities supply of the 40 ha development area at the Határ Street by 2002 by including proprietary and state resources. The established public utilities network deliberately supports the public utilities capacity demand of the Industrial Park and has a reception connection to the town network. The system has been built to be suitable for further development to fulfill the highest capacity demands.

Consequently, from 2008 the following large-capacity public utilities are also available on the development area:

  • Drinking water

  • Sewage conduit

  • Electricity

  • Gas

  • Telecommunication cables

  • Street lighting and road network


Currently 36 companies with more than 5,000 employees operate in the territory of the industrial park, providing the majority of the local taxt revenue of the municipality.

The tenants of the industrial park include:

  • National Instruments Europe Ltd. (USA) – electronic industry

  • FAG Magyarország Ltd. (Germany) – production of bearings

  • Bumet Hungary Ltd. (The Netherlands) – sheet metal processing

  • Hungaerotech Ltd. member of Sulzer Group (Switzerland) – production of aero-engine


  • Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company Hungary Ltd. (Greece) – regional logistics

  • M.E. Ltd. (Hungary) – metal processing

  • Globiz Ltd. (Hungary) – production and assembly of electronic devices and computers

  • Holcim Hungária Co. Ltd. (Switzerland) – concrete production

  • Manz Automation Hungary Ltd. (Germany) – automation

  • Csokonai Theatre (Hungary) – manufacture of props for city theatre

  • LAK-ING Tervcenter Ltd.(Hungary) – engineering services and material testing

  • Hungarian Post Co. Ltd. (Hungary) – postal logistics

  • K & T Hardmetal Ltd. (Hungary) – production of hard metal tools

  • Pharmaprint Ltd. (Hungary) – printing production

  • Tip-Top Kft. (Hungary) – wholesale and logistics of stationery products

  • Richter Gedeon Co. Ltd (Hungary) – pharmaceutical research and production

  • Pharmapolis Cluster (Hungary) - pharmaceutical research and production

  • RR Donnelley (USA) – printing production and services

  • Cívisbusz Consortium (Hungary) – city bus depo and service station

  • POPZ Europe Ltd (USA) – popcorn production

  • XANGA Ltd. (Hungary) – business incubator

  • Xstage Ltd. (Hungary) – service centre

  • DIPA Ltd. (Hungary) – industrial park management