Business Consulting

XANGA aims to help companies to find the most efficient way to operate their businesses during their presence in Hungary. We customize our services according to our clients’ needs. Despite the advantages resultant from the complexity of service, it is our primary aim to have each product elements themselves competitive. By this, such services will be offered not only to companies settled, but depending on our capacities, to all innovative enterprises requiring it.

XANGA offers consulting services in the following areas:

  • Financial-accounting services:

    • Accounting

    • Payroll calculation

    • Audit

    • Financial monitoring

    • Liquidity management

  • Services advancing economic development:

    • Technology installment

    • Technical planning

    • Informatics services

    • Creating complex feasibility studies

    • Market survey

    • Logistics, customs declaration

    • Labor recruitment

  • R&D and innovation services:

    • Patent consulting

    • Management of patent issues

    • Legal advice

    • Capital advice for spin-off companies

    • Connecting enterprises with research institutions

  • Project proposal writing and project management

  • Technical translation and interpretation

  • Education, training and retraining