The core activity of the XANGA Group is to develop industrial and service units equipped with modern infrastructure, suitable for the receipt of high standard technology transfer, this way enabling local and foreign production and service enterprises to launch their activities in the city of Debrecen and its region. The group offers tailor-made solutions to its partners. It develops industrial building plots equipped with all public utilities, suitable for greenfield investments. XANGA either directly sells the building plots or implements its own greenfield investments on them. XANGA Investment & Development Group builds offices, service or industrial units tailored to its partners needs and offers various constructions for the utilization: it either leases the turnkey facilities under tenant specific conditions or sells it to its clients.

In addition to providing turnkey infrastructure, XANGA assists the successful operation of its partners by providing them with business development, legal, financial and subsidy management services.

Also, Xanga has had majority shares in the Debrecen Airport since 2011, and it’s currently operating the airport. At the moment, mainly charter flights are operated but regular flights to Western European hubs are also planned to be introduced in the near future.

In addition to passenger transport, regular cargo services are available, thanks to the Cargo and Logistic Base currently being developed by the XANGA Group.

The activities of XANGA Investment & Development Group include:

  • Private capital investment

  • developing new greenfield industrial areas equipped with all public utilities,

  • developing turnkey industrial and logistic facilities,

  • investment management and technology transfer support,

  • business development support, post investment services (Business consulting, Preparing and managing grant applications, Financial and accounting services, Legal advising)

  • Airport and Cargo operations